Obama is looking out for women and families

If I remember correctly there was some buzz that Valerie Jarrett’s name was listed as one who Obama wanted Blagojevich to name to replace him in the Senate. Her name was withdrawn at some point and then I heard that it was due to wanting a position at the White House. Well, I guess the buzz was right because she got her position. She is heading the White House Council on Women and Girls as reported in the Washington Post.

“The mission of the Council will be to provide a coordinated federal response to the challenges confronted by women and girls to ensure that all Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies consider how their policies and programs impact women and families,” reads a memo describing the move and obtained by The Fix.

When I read the description, I begin to wonder why someone needs to oversee the Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies to ensure that women and girls are treated fairly. Why is does he think that his appointments will not impact women fairly? Or is it just a way to pay for play for his friend who wanted to work in the White House?

As I read the article, it appears our money is going to this fund this council for no other reason than to make Obama look good politically. It appears he will do more to look good to women voter’s to guarantee their votes in his reelection. It appears the buzz that he is already campaigning for his second term is correct.

Obama and his team know that if he can maintain his 2008 margin among women in his reelection race in three years time, he will be sitting pretty. Expect then more symbolic moves like the establishment of the Council to demonstrate Obama’s commitment to women and women’s issues.

However, I still feel like there is a backhanded compliment to women in the creation of this council. It is like he really thinks that women are not equal to men, and he is making a big deal to show he does not think that way. But whether whatever reason he decided on creating the council isn’t it great that our money is going to pay for it, especially since his good friend is heading it. Yes, as women lose their jobs and worry about how to make ends meet thanks to his spending outside the country’s means, he will make sure his appointments consider how their policies will impact women. It doesn’t mean they will have a positive impact, just they will consider how they impact women.

Thanks Obama!


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