What does the Obamas’ behavior tell us

This is a great article about the behavior of the Obamas. I think it is also a great article about how we are letting them get away with this behavior. You know, how they tell us to turn down our thermostats while the White House is kept at 80 degrees so it feels like Hawaii. Now you know why Michelle is wearing sleeveless dresses. It is too hot in the White House for long sleeves. Here is something else she said as well.

Michelle Obama is now reaching out to Americans. And what message does she have to bring? Today, she stood in front of a governmental agency filled with employees and laughingly told them the following, when she said —

“Michelle needs you. Barack needs you. Sasha and Malia need you. We need you to get busy (volunteering to work for them in the government).” And, then a video clip came on TV showing Obama telling Americans that we have to give up the way we used to live in order to build a new way of life. HUH??!!

Read the article for yourself. It is a doosie.
Canada Free Press


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