Dow Jones March 9 2009


I’m really getting tired of this downward trend. I feel like Obama acts like only the rich are affected by Wall Street. I hate to tell him but every person in the United States has been affected. While my retirement plans lost money, I knew the investments were a form of gambling and I lost. But, now people who never invested are being affected. You wonder why. Well, it has been shown that the economy has the greatest impact on donations to nonprofits. You know the groups that provide meals to the elderly and housebound adults, after school programs, food to those who need a little help making ends meet, arts programs such as museums, and early education programs to name but a few. Yes, federal funds usually help these as well but they still need private donations as well.

Here is the Dow Jones for today.


2 thoughts on “Dow Jones March 9 2009

  1. Marvin says:

    The Dow is up 67% since this day. I hope you are willing to give Obama as much credit as you were trying to blame him for. Up 67% in just over a year and a half. That’s incredible. Compare it to Bush’s record of down 22% in 8 years. Seriously. It’s not even close. The economy always does better under Democratic Presidents. How many times must we learn this lesson before people stop voting GOP?

  2. garnette says:

    Can you explain how the economy was better during the Carter administration? I mean we had mortgages at 18% with high unemployment and double digit inflation. I think the only reason the economy did so well during Clinton was that the IT industry grew during the time (prior to the dot com burst) and in preparation for Y2K. What is interesting is that the same jobs that were getting 6 figures during that time period I am now seeing are paying about half of that. Now, with Obama we have a reported 10% unemployment, which doesn’t include those who have gone through their unemployment benefits or who are unemployed for other reasons and cannot find a job. There is also those who are underemployed at this time. Personally, I haven’t worked in about 5 months because companies are not hiring consultants at this time. So, when companies lay off to lower their head counts but do not hire contract workers to fill in that tells me that they are worried about their bottom line. Yep, the economy always does better during Democratic presidents.

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