Articles about Obama and economy worries

Wow, MSM is beginning to worry about the economy and say that is has worsened since Obama became President.   They also point out that if people is hiding money in their mattresses then it has to do with their fear of the future, just like the stock market is showing.

Analysis of the economy

NYT reports on Obama

Why is he wanting to become allies with the Taliban?  Why does he think they will treat us any differently than they have in the past.  Kind of  a side note, the first time I ever heard of the Taliban was a few months before 9/11 when they destroyed these beautiful huge historic  Buddha statues because they went against their religion.  I was so shocked by their actions, and their actions weren’t that radical.   They have a horrible view of women in their culture.  Where are feminists when it comes to calling them out for their treatment of women?  You know when they stone victims of rape.  I have seen the feminists say that it is their culture and that women want to be part of that culture.  (Interesting, that when women over here don’t fall into their feminist line, they call those women out as not being part of their culture.)


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