Obama taxes gas and oil

Remember when Obama repeatedly said that 95% of the people would not pay more taxes.  Guess what!  Here are more taxes that aren’t for the 95% of the people.  Oh wait, businesses pass their taxes on to us in the prices they charge so that they can cover their expenses, one of which is taxes, and make a profit.  So, here is an article about more taxes that we will be paying.  Gotta ask you, how is that $13 more of your paycheck that you will be seeing soon look as gas prices go up?  Also, I think I heard that in the budget is also more federal taxes, like a buck a gallon when we buy gas.  What a way to ruin the economy!

Obama taxes us again

On another note, while I get the need for alternative energy, until we get to the point of being able to use it we need to still use what we got right now.  So, why do I keep feeling Obama is making us more dependent on gas and oil from other countries rather than make it easier to get what we have while private companies figure out alternative energy sources?  Yes, I said private companies because if the revenue was there for them in the future they would already be doing R&D on these alternative energies.


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