Inner city school vouchers

Inner city school kids in DC can get vouchers so they can attend schools and have the opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, it appears these vouchers are going away in the latest spending bill.

An article in the WSJ interviews a family that attends the same school as Obama’s daughters.  They probably will no longer be able to attend because of provision in the latest spending bill will take away the money used for vouchers.

Interesting quote in the article

Virginia Walden-Ford, executive director of D.C. Parents for School Choice, wouldn’t mind making a few more politicians bristle. “I’d like to see a reporter stand up at one of those nationally televised press conferences and ask President Obama what he thinks about what his own party is doing to keep two innocent kids from attending the same school where he sends his?”

Well, a reporter took her up on it and asked Gibbs about it today. Check out this site for his response or lack of response.

Gibbs responds to question about vouchers


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