Hey Obama

Thank you for viewing Rush Limbaugh as the enemy.  Yes, you view him as an enemy of the state.  One that is even more of an enemy than any of our foreign enemies.  But, then you seem to want to make friends of our enemies and enemies of our friends.  However, back to my thank you.

Because of your attention to Rush Limbaugh, I began to listen to him and read articles about him.  I began to see that what he said made sense and we even thought about matters pretty much the same.  Before you brought him to my attention, I really didn’t pay attention to him.  I really didn’t like him.  I really thought he was wrong most of the time.  However, I don’t think he is the leader of the Republican party, I think that those who see through you see that what he says is true.

So, thank you again for introducing me to Rush Limbaugh.  I really appreciate what he says and plan to listen to him a lot more now.



Here is the article that led to the thank you note


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