Dow Jones March 4, 2009


The Dow Jones goes up today.  Is this the beginning of continued movement up from the bottom or will we see a new bottom?  I am wondering if the fact so many people are pointing to Obama as the problem is part of the reason for the change.  In that since the elephant in the room is being discussed then people are beginning to feel more secure in the market.  Or are they hoping that Obama will get the word from the experts on Wall Street that his plans won’t work.  Well, I like what they are saying but it sounds like Obama is trying to shut them up.


One thought on “Dow Jones March 4, 2009

  1. MM says:

    The Dow went up on March 4..and slid off the map on the 5th. That is because of the New Hampshire Resolution. It may stabilize now that the opposition is coalescing and there is some hope of improvement. The Court never met a Federal Tax or a Federal Regulation it didn’t love..perhaps because of nepotism..but that worries business and small business owners.

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