Random headlines of the day

Headlines of the day

Russian President won\'t haggle with Obama

Is Obama straining the relationship with Britain

He seems to be giving in to those who we don’t have the best relationship with and not worrying about our friends. He is reminding me of a wannabe in high school. You know the person who would ditch their friends at lunch so they could eat at the cool table.

Changing pay

I really have an issue with companies that because of the economy is deciding to reduce people’s pay. I get that it is the economy and the way they are trying to make ends meet, but I really feel for those who live paycheck to paycheck and now have to figure out how to make up the difference. I don’t mean the group in the article, but, it is reminding me of other stories I have read where companies are requiring people to take days off without pay. If you have budgeted your money and taxes are going up and costs are going up and your pay is going down, what is going to have to give?


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