My thoughts of the day


I do volunteer work, and I also have worked in several nonprofit agencies, some are local and some are internationally known. In addition, as I mentioned in my first post I have a degree that makes me a trained bureaucrat. I also donate to nonprofits that I want MY money to support. In some cases, I don’t even deduct my donations on my tax return. In other words, I feel like I walk the walk to go along with my talk.

Lately, I have been wondering why a term that was really big in the 90s is never heard. It is privatization. The idea behind privatization is that the government cannot be good at all things and that it can be more expensive for the government to do it so if they contract the work out to experts in that area. I saw it first hand where state agencies would pay a per diem to agencies who would provide therapeutic care to children rather than just house them in the juvenile system. It can also be seen with charter schools that provide education to high risk children. It seems like this is an idea we need to bring up again. Why does it seem like the government wants to do everything when it isn’t mean to do everything. We have a lot of nonprofits that can provide the services that are needed in the communities that they know best. Rather than having a bureaucrat in DC deciding what is best for my community, I want someone who lives in my community to decide. It is also easier for me to let those in my community know my preferences. Finally, I can donate to the nonprofits that provide the services and I can volunteer at these nonprofits. Instead, DC seems to think that they can support these nonprofits better than I can. I wonder when they will come to my town to deliver meals to senior citizens or to work at a food bank. I mean really volunteer not just take advantage of the situation for a photo op.

I hope that as this economy continues to worry us, you will remember that your local nonprofit agencies are probably struggling more than you realize. Give one a call and ask them how you can help them, whether it is just writing a check or volunteering for a few hours each week or month.


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