How TARP is changing how they do business

One bank has decided to return TARP money. Seems they have decided that the restrictions being placed on the bank will hurt it since it is currently profitable. This could be something we see more of in the future. I applaud them for their decision and I hope others follow them by deciding to return money rather than let the government tell them how they will do business.

Returning TARP money

Here is another article about the impact on government money is impacting how companies do business and the trickle down affect it is having on the economy. I saw this first hand after 9/11 when people were not dining out or traveling as much. It isn’t just the restaurants or hotels that are impacted, because their vendors end up losing business because they don’t need the services or products. Eventually, this will affect you because at some level you will be impacted. You may not work for a hotel or restaurant and you may not work for a company that is a vendor in this industry, but you could work for a company that provides services to one of their vendors or you could work for one of the companies down the line that end up getting impacted because they aren’t selling as many rooms or meals.

Companies stop travel incentives as rewards

Note that this article is not about the those at the top taking the trips, it is about rewarding those who have worked hard and met their targets getting rewarded.


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