What wildlife reminded me of

Today I saw a bunch of turkey vultures with a carcass in the middle of a lane on a small but busy street. I watched them for a few minutes and began for some reason to be reminded of politicians, and I mean all politicians. There was one that was actually pretty smart, he was trying to pull the carcass out of the road so that they could eat it without being disturbed by the traffic. But, there was another vulture that got mad that the first vulture was moving the carcass and would begin to fight with it. Usually, at this point traffic would distract them as they flew to the side of the road. Finally, the vulture who didn’t want it moved was able to grab a part of the carcass and went off to the side to eat it. The first vulture waited until there was no traffic and moved the carcass to the side of the road. Of course, now that it was safe to eat the carcass a few of the other carcasses began to fight for “their share” of the carcass. There were three other turkey vultures that stayed on the other side of the road as this was going on. When the going got good, two flew over to join the others. But, one remained on the other side, although at one point it ventured into the middle of the road toward the carcass. A car came along and sent it scurrying out of the road. Finally, when the carcass was being shared that turkey vulture flew across the road to join in the eating of the carcass.

I don’t know why this reminded me of politicians, but it does. I think it is a reminder that we got to look out for ourselves because they will look out for themselves when there is any bit of money to share.


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