Taxing us by the miles isn’t going away


Once again the idea of using a GPS system to tax us by the mile is in the news. Yahoo has an article about a transportation committee that is suggesting it. Taxing us by the mile

I will say it again, I don’t want them tracking me by the mile. I have heard arguments that all they will track is that the number of miles that you drive between fill ups. Well, when data is collected if you are going to collect one group of data why not collect more because you may decide you need it in the future. Besides you can always come up with a reason to need to know the data. Just thinking about it a few came to mind. Such as we need to know the roads you use so we can see what roads have the most traffic. Or how about something already suggested, we will be taxed more for miles driven during peak hours. So, they will track when we drive our cars. What is to say that they don’t decide to tax some models of cars more per mile than other cars? Or if you drive and buy gas in an urban area you end up being taxed more. I know, I know, some of this data could be collected such as from our credit card records that show where we buy gas, how much we buy, and when we buy it. Yes, this is all information that they could gather from a gps system depending on how it is programmed. So, is this information you would willingly give up to people.

Don’t forget that you will also be paying the taxes for the truckers that end up having to pay taxes on the miles that they drive.


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