GOP tells more about the budget

Michelle Malkin has a post about Obama’s budget from the GOP leader. It is interesting that I pretty much said a lot of the same things that are in the memo. I picked out a few more things that I want to make sure people read. The first is the energy tax hike that will affect anyone who uses something as simple as electricity. The second is the increase in discretionary spending of 24 percent. The third is that a placeholder has been put in place for more bailout money. I want to know when I get my bailout money! Michelle Malkin

Okay, I am wondering if this $250,000 is for couples and at what income amount singles will end up facing the same tax increases that is hitting those who make over $250,000. It really gets me because as a single, I have the same expenses that a couple has but I only have one income to meet those expenses.

And, I read somewhere today that someone in the administration says that soon Obama plans to tell the Middle Class that we need to pay more taxes to support the healthcare plan. By middle class I guess he means the 55% who pay taxes and make under $250,000.


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