First Ladies – Martha Jefferson

Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson

Born at Charles City County, Virginia, October 18, 1748
Married Bathurst Skelton
Had one child, John Wayles Skelton (1767-1771)
Married Thomas Jefferson, January 1, 1772
Had six children with Thomas Jefferson

    Martha Jefferson Randolph (1772-1836)
    Jane Randolph (1774-1775)
    unnamed son (b./d. 1777)
    Mary “Polly” Jefferson Eppes (1778-1804)
    Lucy Elizabeth (1780-1781)
    Lucy Elizabeth (1782-1785)

She died on September 6, 1782.

Interesting fact
She was in frail health during her marriage to Thomas Jefferson. It is reported that he was grief-stricken when she died. She is the first of five wives who died prior to their husbands becoming president.

Focus while in the White House
Her daughters Polly Jefferson Eppes and Martha Jefferson Randolph were hostesses for Thomas Jefferson during his presidency.


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