Dow Jones 2/25/2008


As I have gotten into showing the daily dow jones chart, I am beginning to wonder about what else is impacting it. I have started noticing that the chart is showing the daily volume. I want to learn more about the daily volume and what that says about the market, especially when looked at with the dow jones. The other thing I wondered about is if there are certain days where banks are known to do buying and selling for their customers. If you know that certain days are the ones where banks sell stock in order to collect fees on accounts, then will others know this and react accordingly. In other words, are we not seeing the full impact of Obama’s plan on the stock market because there are some other factors that cause the market to go up even when the market should be going down? I really don’t know, but with the news of the day of all the companies showing big losses, it seemed like the dow jones should be going down and instead it started by going up. But, now Obama is presenting his budget, so let’s see what it does.


One thought on “Dow Jones 2/25/2008

  1. josiahe says:

    Greed leads people to strange places . . . . It’s the hedge funds that drive the market – their untold wealth they have to impact their picks keep faltering stocks from dying.

    If you have any idea of figuring out, you should read my paper – “Don’t Play With The Big Boys, Less’n You Are One!”
    It tells of insider trading by mafia, back in the 60’s . . . .

    There’s always a Madoff or Stanford out there to take your investments and put them where they’ll be of more profit . . . . to them!

    Good luck.

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