Obama plan for healthcare?

Here is the thing, I’m trying to get my arms around Obama’s healthcare plans. He says he is for universal healthcare but exactly what does he mean. Last night I started to think about the comments that Daschle has said about caring for our parents, the senior citizens. He said that they had to accept their conditions as part of age rather than treating them. This is who Obama wanted to be his Secretary of the HHS. So, I would think that their thinking was somewhat similar. Then, there is the little spoken about provision in the stimulus package that creates a committee to oversee prescription drug effectiveness to determine what can be prescribed. I thought this was the responsibility of the FDA, but I guess they need some oversight by this new committee.

I found out about this committee when I was trying to find out more about the provision about determining the cost effectiveness of healthcare and putting all medical records in a database that can be accessed by all healthcare providers.

As I thought about Daschle’s comments about senior citizens I wondered if that would also be true for many who have chronic conditions that require expensive treatments.

So, I need your help to figure out what Obama has said about his plans for healthcare. I can tell you what I don’t want, which is campaign promises or how healthcare is done in other countries. Well, I guess I will take any quotes on record where Obama has said he wants to use the plans from other countries.

Updated on February 25, 2009
I just found this article that states what is in Obama’s budget in regard to Healthcare. Yep, he is going to regulate your medical care, especially those covered by Medicare. I really am wondering how women who are Pro-Choice because they don’t want the government regulating their healthcare in regards to abortion will feel about the government regulating every other aspect of their healthcare.

Oh, he is going to up the taxes on the wealthy and cut the profits for businesses. And, we get healthcare as the economy continues to go down the drain.

Obama Budget Plans for Healthcare

You know the other thing that keeps going through my head is the feeling that with the cost of becoming a doctor not worth it compared to the amount you make, what is that going to do with the quality of healthcare we will get. Sorry to all good doctors out there, but I rarely find a doctor that I trust to treat me and I hear that over and over from my friends. Case in point, largely written on my chart is my one drug allergy and what do I get as the prescription – the one drug I am allergic to! (I caught it when it was handed to me so no harm, but what if I didn’t.)


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