Thinking about business ethics

I haven’t looked at the news yet so I don’t know if there will be a headline that will catch my attention. But, for some reason this morning my thoughts are on a business ethical question especially in these days of layoffs. Granted in this atmosphere it makes this question kind of moot because everyone should be prepared to be laid off. My situation is more about how much does a boss owe their employees and how much do they owe to the company when it comes to changes in employment. So this is what I wonder, should bosses give their employees a heads up that their employment status may change? If the boss knows that the situation is changing for the worse and is finding a new job, should he at least hints should be dropped to let employees know that it might be a good time to refresh resume and post it for job opportunities? Or is the threat that they may tell two people who will tell two people within the corporation outweigh the emotional upheaval the employee will feel when he is laid off? In times like this how much lying is acceptable to either deny that a job is at risk or to keep an employee who wants to leave during the time of turmoil?

Personally, I have always put my job first and now looking back I realize that while I put the job first as an employee I never got the respect that should have been given me.


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