Foreclosures or not foreclosures

So, I read this article on Michelle Malkin and one sentence stands out to me. It is where she says she will help bailout the woman when the woman helps her bailout her stock portfolio. I am wondering if we should ask Obama to bailout us for our losses in the stock market if he is going to bail people out of their bad decisions when they bought more house than they could afford. Seriously, though when do these handouts end?
Your 800000 house is not my problem

Did you notice that the house cost $800,000, yep the woman bought a house almost worth a million dollars and we are supposed to be helping her out. How many taxpayers houses are worth near that amount? So, in addition to making your own house payment, you are now going to make another house payment or two with your taxes.

Also, I am confused how 75 million dollars has turned into several hundred of billions of dollars for bailout of homes. I wonder if it is going to Acorn. Who, by the way, Michelle Malkin gives the other side of the story about the woman who “took back her house.” But, oops, it now belonged to someone else.

What do you mean it is not my house?

When, I keep hearing these stories about all these houses foreclosed on I wonder why there are so many. I know that there will always be a fraction of homes that are foreclosed on due to various reasons that I can see helping out, such as medical costs and divorce, but why should we help out people who made bad decisions and just couldn’t afford it from the beginning. It has been noted to me that when you look at it many times their house payment was less than rent would be. So, if they can’t afford a house payment than how can they afford to rent a place? Basically, they got a cheap place to live until the system caught up with them.

I would love to see a percentage of number of homeowners who lose their homes to the number of homeowners who actually make their mortgage payments on time.


3 thoughts on “Foreclosures or not foreclosures

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  2. Anonymous says:

    recessionin the U.S. would not happened if banks and home developers are not greedy to make big bucks from their innocent victims ,encouraging them to buy house(s) to fulfiill their American dream when in fact they don,t have that amount of money in their possession to purchase a house….and for most of the buyers who are greedy to buy a house or more than one house as an investment when they dont have that money and they allow the realtors to talk them into buying something not affordable to their is not reality, it is just merely greed…

  3. Sherry says:

    What the bus driver doesn’t tell us is that she owned at least 3 properties from 2006 to 2008. Poor woman.

    She has owned a condo at 6001 Arlington #721, Falls Church, VA since 1999.

    She purchased 3438 Charles Street, Falls Church, VA on 1/05/05 for $510,000 and sold it on 6/10/08 for $429,000.

    Her current home – 1920 N. Dinwiddie Street, Arlington, Va -was purchased with her husband (Luis Guillermo Flores) on 11/16/06 for $800,000.

    Looks like they just got greedy. Are these the poor people that we’re supposed to help????

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