Whose the father?

I have always had trouble with the idea of doctors using artificial means to help women get pregnant. I just think that it allows people to play god and that it just isn’t right. Lately in the news is the story of Octomom. I really haven’t paid that much attention to the story, but for some reason this story caught my eye. Basically, it is about a man who says that he donated the sperm. I have also attached a story in which the Octomom claims that he is not the father and she knows who the father is.

Donor article
Mom denial article

So, this is what I began to wonder. If the man donates sperm for a specific woman then should he be responsible for assisting with bringing up the children including financially? He made the choice to do so based on a relationship of some type with the woman. If the same thing had happened without doctor assistance, he would be responsible for providing child support. Thus, if he agreed to father the children in this manner, he should be held to the same level of responsibility. If you disagree, what level of relationship would they need to have for the father to be held responsible?

In case the reader is not aware of it, but there are agencies whose sole responsibility is to enforce child support and will even provide DNA tests to determine the father. The idea behind the agency is that the father needs to take responsibility for his children and it is his responsibility to support them not the government.

That being said, it is sad because many times mothers will deny who the father is in order to receive welfare. I always wonder how the children feel if they realize that their fathers deny them in order to not have to support them financially. Okay, there are some cases where the fathers support them but do so on the side while the mother still receives welfare.

I will say that if it turns out the father was not aware the sperm was “donated”, then he should not be held responsible. But, it sounds like the same man provided sperm for all her children and knew that she was trying to become pregnant. So, should we expect this father to support his children or should he not have to finacially support his children because he only donated the sperm?


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