Pope tells Pelosi

I will state very clearly I am not Catholic, but I have a deep respect for the church.  By saying that I have always taken the stand that I don’t agree with some of its beliefs and thus I have made the decision not to become Catholic.  It is why I prefer the protestant churches that tend to incorporate liturgy into the services.  Go figure why I attend a contemporay nondenominational church.  But, as I stated, I believe that if you are a Catholic, you need to stand by the beliefs of the church.  I also believe that you can’t use being a Catholic when it suits you.  You know, you never go to mass or confession until it is election time and you decide that it would be a great photo op to be seen attending a mass.  Or if you speak of being pro-choice in the same sentence as being Catholic because you need to get the pro-choice voters at the same time you get the Catholic voters.   Well, you can’t have it both ways, you can’t be Catholic when it suits you, it is something that means something to many people.  Many people have died for their Catholic beliefs.  If you can’t stand for it, then don’t use it!

Pelosi Pope No Meeting of Minds

I have to say I am very proud of the Pope for what he said.  Didn’t think I would be a fan of this Pope, but so far I like what he says.   Btw, I have been blessed by two Popes and I hope to have the chance to be blessed by another.  Oh, and if you have a problem with the Catholic church, don’t post it here.  Remember, I am not Catholic but I respect the history of the church and those who are Catholic.


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