As Christians do we walk the talk

So, yesterday I made a comment in a comment that began to make me think.  It was just that my faith came out in the comment.  Nothing major and just me being me.  But, then I began to think about something that has been bothering me and how as Christians we put our faith aside to make others whose faith may be different comfortable.  Okay, trying to describe a situation without making it obvious who or what I am talking about.  If faith is part of the majority of the group but one person is of a different faith, should that person’s faith dictate how faith as a whole is treated by the group.  While at the same time the group’s faith is the basis of the group in the first place.  So, there is really two choices, the group can be true to themselves or to always be mindful to not force their faith on one person.  Or the one person can make a choice not to be part of the group when topics of faith will be discussed.  Now, let’s take it one step forward.  Let’s say in this group, you have one person whose political affiliation is different from the rest of the group.  Should that person be treated the same way as they did for the person of faith?

Yes, this is something that happened to me.  I have watched that a group will bend over backwards to not force their faith on someone, yet not do the same thing with politics.   What is worse is that I realized at a point it was the person who has a difference in faith that does not think that others may not share her political beliefs.  I am not shocked, just sad that while we put our faith aside that person cannot see to put politics aside for the same reason.  And, also that we are so quick to hide our faith in order to make someone else feel comfortable.


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