This is what makes our country great

Protesters as Obama campaigns

Thank God we still have the right to voice our opinions, whether others agree or disagree with us.  We still have this right.

I am getting tired that Obama feels he still is on the campaign trail.  Why doesn’t he spend more time in DC? I guess he feels if he spends so much time away no one will notice that they haven’t gotten the promised dog for their daughters.  I guess it can’t be considered a broken promise because it is more of a no action on promise type of thing.

I am getting tired of my tax dollars going to bail out others.  I am noticing that I have no incentive to work when I feel it will just end up going to others.


2 thoughts on “This is what makes our country great

  1. kip says:

    Wait a minute.
    You do, of course, realize that most people are mad at Obama because he’s not spending enough, right?
    You’re angry because he’s trying to stay in touch with Americans?
    Oh, and, have you forgotten which president got us in this mess?

  2. garnette says:

    No, I have not forgotten that the Democrats in Congress got us in this mess. They are the ones who refused to do anything about Fannie and Freddie that started this whole mess. Also, look at what the Democrats have done in Congress since 2006. Also, you can’t spend yourself out of debt. This is just like the people who decide the way to pay off their debt is to get more credit cards. You know how they use one credit card to pay off another. Yeah, that worked really well for them and will now work really well for the country. I am just thanking God that he had the wisdom to not give me children so I don’t have to fear for their future.

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