It has been signed

So here is what I am finding really funny about the stimulus bill.  I figured that with all the government growth I should have an easy time getting a job in the government.  I mean, I have years of experience and a degree in government.  Well, as far as I can see the jobs are for construction type workers.   If this bill says it will grow jobs and I can’t find a job then how many jobs for the average person will there be.  I love the fact that the CEO at Caterpiller said that there still would be layoffs after Obama said that the bill would stop those layoffs.  Now, we hear that won’t create jobs, but will save jobs and that number keeps dropping… Wonder what will end up happening to everyone who is living paycheck to paycheck if they lose their jobs.  Oh, yeah, now I remember the stimulus bill is giving the states a lot of money to increase their welfare rolls.  But, what happens when there are no taxpayers to pay taxes so there is no money for the federal government to give to the states for welfare.  Seriously, I have heard it pointed out that the states are afraid that their welfare rolls will grow but when the federal money gives out they will have too many people on the welfare rolls for the state budget.  You know that thing that is in trouble in most states right now.

But, of course how many people even know what is in the bill.  It would take them days to read it.  Oh, yeah, no one had time to read it before they voted on it.  Of course, no one seems to really point out that the stock market could be reacting negatively to the stimulus bill.  I know how I am looking at my investments right now in regards to the stimulus bill.  I can’t be the only person to do it.

CNN Cafferty Stimulus Bill

New York Times

God help us!


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