Here is my opinion

So today I decided to discuss a topic I had sworn to stay away from on this blog.  It is the one issue where I tend not to be considered conservation.  The issue is abortion and being pro life or pro choice.  I had a conversation that really made me think about where I stand on the issue and I decided I needed to speak out on where I stand because I think I get the issue more than either side who screams their opinion.

Here it is.  I am pro-choice.  I have always been pro-choice and probably will always be pro-choice.  I can remember being a teenager and taking the stance because I hated the idea that someone else could tell me what to do with my body.  It was an issue that I saw was between me, my doctor and God.  Now that I said that, I am also pro-life.  By that I mean that I cry when I think of babies being aborted for no other reason than they were a mistake and are unwanted.  My heart leaps with joy when I hear a woman has decided to keep her baby.  I have a problem with the fact that women under 18 can’t get a tattoo or piercing without parental permission but can have an abortion, which is major surgery, without their parents permission.  Yes, I know all the arguments why it is felt that a child may need to have an abortion without informing the parents, but I feel like the percentage that fall in that category is not enough to take the rights away from all parents.  I believe that there should be a waiting period.  I believe that late term abortions are wrong.   I also think that we need to stop referring to abortions as a method of birth control and provide education on how to prevent pregnancies so women are not put in the position of having to make a choice.

Here is the other part of the issue that has always bugged me.  When I think about women who find out they are pregnant and decide to have an abortion, I look to see what other choices they have.  I know that there are a few places out there to help women, but where are they when women are facing this in their lives.  At a time when protesting in front of clinics was being done, it made me sick the way the protesters would treat the women going into the clinic.  I wanted to hear of one case where a protester treated the woman out of love and offered her help rather than force pictures in front of her face.  Rather than shove things in their face trying to disgust them into changing their mind, why not offer than different options, such as assistance in picking adoption or assistance in figuring out how to have a child at that point in their lives.   In other words, provide the emotional support women need as they face the fact that they are pregnant and have no idea what they will do by showing them there are many options out there besides abortion.


One thought on “Here is my opinion

  1. Jesse says:

    wow… i totally agree… 🙂

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