Taking care of health care

Glad that Obama finally realizes that Iran is not a small country that is not a threat. I am really surprised that I seem to know more about international relations than Obama. I really am getting the feeling that he is starting to show his puppet strings. He seems to try to remember what he has been told to say whenever he does a press conference. What is also interesting is how many of the comments that Biden said are now seen as true. Is it that he couldn’t lie and let the truth come out?

I really fear for the future of the country. The only positive thing I am seeing right now is that I don’t think that the fixing of the country that Obama wants to do will work. I started to think about the amount of work that would be involved with getting medical records in an electronic database. For instance, would it just be moving forward or would all records that the health departments, doctor offices and hospitals have to be put online? Who would put those records online? What if one person’s records are better than other some other person so they show pre-existing conditions that will cause the first person’s treatment to be denied while the second person gets the treatment, but in actuality is a worse candidate. Or what if a doctor makes a wrong diagnosis, will you be able to get a second opinion or are you stuck getting treated by a doctor you don’t want to treat you. But, my actual point about the wrong diagnosis is that it will now be part of your health records even if it is wrong. (Or what if someone else’s health issues are accidently reported as yours?) Remember if you think socialized medicine will be an improvement, look at the healthcare that is now provided by the government – Medicaid, Medicare, VA – how good of a job are they doing on that? Thus, this is the reason why healthcare needs to stay between the two people who know the person’s health needs best – the doctor and the patient.

Oh, one thing that I keep wondering about is if the government takes over more of the healthcare will that create jobs or cause jobs to go away.


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