My vent about criminals

So, I have wondered for a long time why it seems like the criminals have more rights than the victims. The victims are forgotten while the criminals are used by the liberals to fight for their views. I think the punishment should fit the crime. However, it seems with time because the victims can not speak for themselves, when they were murdered by the criminal that has been convicted of the crime, they are forgotten. Suddenly, the criminal gets attention because it appears that everyone wants to help him. I feel for the people who have become the criminals victims, like his family and friends, the family and friends of the victims, and all that have been connected to the investigation and trial. But, I keep wondering, why does it seem like the criminal becomes the victim of the system at some point. It really gets me because it seems like they have more rights than the rest of us. Where do their rights end and ours begin? I am tired of feeling like no matter how much I do I still have to look over my shoulder to make sure that I won’t be a victim of a crime. It has gotten where even though we have locks on our doors and windows in our homes we still have to have a security system. We worry about having our cars broken into and worry about office creepers and have to hide our personal items in our cubicles. What type of existance is this for us when criminals seem to have more power than the law abiding citizens?


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