What is wrong with this picture

So, this is the way that Obama seems to act and sees the Republicans as he tries to strong arm them into supporting his stimulus bill (or increasing government as he destroys big and small businesses.)

Obama shows GOP a clenched fist on stimulus bill

Now think about how he has talked to the many countries who basically are not our friends, such as Iran. Then, Iran responds to Obama by telling them that US has to accept whatever they want him to accept.

Iran says

As I write this something dawns on me. He is going out of his way to try to be liked by the many countries that see us as the enemy. He doesn’t like them not liking him. He has to be adored by all. So, it seems like he is coming home and abusing those he can abuse, which is the Republican party. Because, doesn’t it seem that he is treating them like the enemy and those who are enemies better than the Republicans. And, to go a bit further, with more respect than he is showing the citizens of this country as he reminds me of a scam artist pulling the biggest scam ever… Be scared, very scared.


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