If Cheney is worried

So yesterday I vented in an email to my mom that I was more worried about the earth being around on December 21, 2012,which is the date the Mayan calendar says the world will end, due to Obama’s decision to rescend Bush’s foreign policy executive orders than I am about the current economy. Then, today, I read an article that quotes Cheney as saying that he is concerned. Knowing that he knows more in his little finger than most people know about what is going on in regards to the foreign policy I am scared even more. Then, I have been wondering how much of this has to do with Obama thinking he knows better on how to protect this country or his desire to do the opposite of Bush or that he/ his puppet masters want to destroy this country so that they can build it back up in their idea of a better place. Remember his campaign lines about wanting to rebuild the country to make it better.

Cheney is worried


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