Umm, he should have known

This morning I woke up to Fox News and then heard an interview with Senator Demint (R) regarding Tom Daschle. He basically was saying that Obama needs to a leader and pull Daschle’s nomination and that Obama is not acting like a leader when he needs to be a leader. Interesting point, but that was not the comment that caught my attention. He then said that he waited to say anything to see if Daschle had just made an innocent mistake because the tax code is so confusing. Okay, I will buy that because it is very confusing for taxpayers, but we don’t just get to say we goofed when the IRS comes calling. BUT, then something dawned on me about the tax code…the Senate is who creates taxes. They should know the tax code forwards and backwards because they are deciding what taxes to put on people. Daschle was a multi-term senator so he voted on many, many changes to the tax code. He should have known the tax code as well as anyone else. Or does that mean that senators are voting on things having no clue what actually makes up the bill they are voting for?


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