Stimulus Package includes more money for sex

Well, Sexual Transmitted Diseases, at least. Wow. I guess this would help stimulate the economy in some manner. Maybe just not the way Congress has planned. Also, I wonder who will actually need this amount of funding for STDs…I won’t finish that thought, but you may if you wish. Also, why are they so focused on sex and the economy. First, money for birth control and now money for sexual transmitted diseases. Maybe they should just use the money to buy each household condoms that would take care of birth control and a lot of sexual transmitted diseases. Or if they don’t tax us to the point where we have no money to pay for this bailout we could buy our own. I do find it interesting that I can write a sentence that has the words sex and stimulate and it has nothing to do with porn. Unfortunately, it has to do with Congress. But that does remind me that I had heard that the porn industry was looking for bailout money, I wonder if they are getting any in this bill.


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