Open wide, here comes another bailout

Just saw that a bigger stimulus bailout package just passed the house. I find it interesting that Obama and the other democrats are saying that a bailout is the only way to improve the economy. Isn’t it interesting that they want to throw more money at the problem the day after many companies announced layoffs? The first bailout was passed about 4 months ago, plenty of time to improve the economy if it was such an emergency in the first place. Instead, we are seeing the economy fail faster than it was 4 months ago. So, why do they think this bailout money is going to help when the other money doesn’t seem to be helping, well other than reimbursing companies for the huge bonuses paid to their upper management.

Updated to add this link
Not a single Republican

I really can’t believe that not a single republican bended and voted for this. Okay, Democrats this stimulus package is yours and yours alone. Can’t blame anyone but Obama and Nancy for this.


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