His muslim roots are showing

Okay, I’m a little confused. Prior to the election, we were not able to make any comments about Obama and his muslim roots. In fact, he was the one who said something about his muslim faith, and had to be corrected during the interview. Well, I guess that is one time he spoke the truth because now we can talk about his muslim roots because he has brought it up in the interview he did with Al Arabiya.

Suddenly, this winter he has muslim roots

Actually, at this point what scares me more is not whether he is a muslim, but this example of he will use and say whatever he can to look good. It was something a lot of us saw prior to the election, but now it will be food for blogs for the next four years. And, that is what scares me, if he is more interested in looking good will he really do what it takes to protect this country in regards to the economy and national security.

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