Plan first then decide

I have gone on a media fast, which means I am looking at news on television and the web as little as possible. I so want to make comments about the stupid comments that Pelosi has made about using Alcatraz as a prison for terrorists and the need for OUR tax money to be used in the bailout to pay for birth control. Here is my feelings on buying your own birth control… if you can’t afford the birth control, you sure can’t afford a kid and if you can’t afford a kid then why are you having sex? If you want to enjoy the benefits of sex then you better figure out how you are going to pay for it. Also, the guy who suggested Alcatraz did so to make the point to show that you gotta know how to do something before you decide to do so. Wow, isn’t that kind of ironic. Pelosi doesn’t know what to do with the terrorists but wants to close Gitmo and she wants to buy birth control for people who are deciding to have sex without planning on what to do with a child or with the consequences of the lack of protection. Both times making decisions without planning!


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