The Great Depression

So this morning I read something that basically said that living through the presidency was worse than the great depression. So, it got me thinking do people really know what it was like to live through the great depression? Have their parents, grandparents or even great grandparents ever told them the stories of living in that time? Don’t they realize how great things have been for the last couple of decades? Well, other than 9/11, but even that was minor in comparison to the great depression. I am using the term great depression because I am hearing that we are headed toward another one. What is really sad is that for years I have watched as society reminded me of the roaring twenties and feared we were headed toward another depression, but I thought that we were protected from another market crash. Little did I realize that wall street had figured a way around the laws in place to protect us and learned how to gamble with stocks. By the way, do people also recall that one of the main causes for the crash of the market also had to do with people buying stock without money and when the call was made they didn’t have money to pay for the stock that was no worthless. It is that one little bit that gives me hope. However, I think the short sightedness of the well educated CEOs is the new cause for the market crash.


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