Learn history or you are doomed to repeat it

You remember the old line about those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Well, it is very interesting to me to see that Obama has already created some bad feelings with members of the press corp. How dare he not cave to those who worked so hard to hide his past so he could be elected? The history part, well, as the story goes, the press used to be very close to the president and treat what they did with kid gloves. Look at how many stories about Kennedy’s trysts stayed hidden during his presidency. Anyway, back to my point, the relationship between the press and the president changed due to Nixon. When he hid information from them regarding Watergate, the press felt like he had taken advantage of the relationship he had with him and from that point on never trusted the president again and actually went out of their way to not hide presidential secrets from the public again. Yes, now it has turned into more of a protect the democrats and make the republicans look bad type thing. However, one thing has remained, don’t turn on the press because they will turn on you.

One other thing I am hearing about is that Obama is already showing signs that his politics is really pay for play. It is being said that southern states realize they won’t receive bailout help because they didn’t support Obama as president.


One thought on “Learn history or you are doomed to repeat it

  1. carol1977 says:

    great article!

    In addition Obama is now chipping away at the freedom of the press, biting the hands of the media which got him elected.

    I enjoy your excellent blog and would like to exchange blogroll links with you.

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