Exciting news

Rahm has learned how to put his thumb to his nose.  He also manages to stick out his tongue at the same time. Wow! But, he seems very excited to learn that he can use his fingers to touch parts of his face and be able to move his tongue at the same time.  Wonder what wonderful milestone he will do tomorrow.

Updated to add
Poor guy, just when he can get really excited about his discovery, he finds out that with the brand spanking new job and salary he got there is also a pay raise freeze. Wow, it is going to be a while before he can get a pay raise for the great job he is doing as Chief of Staff in the White House. You know, it is already day two and he has accomplished so much he deserves a raise.

Actually, this is interesting because ALL federal employees are paid based on the pay grade of their position. I wonder if this will affect other federal employees that are at the same pay grades as those in the White House.


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