I just don’t get it

Is it bad that I totally forgot about the inauguration today?  In fact, I didn’t remember it until I heard a line in a song.  What was the line, you ask?  That was the day the music died, and then I remembered that we had a new president.  I am trying to be hopeful that Obama won’t be a bad president.  It is interesting that already a lot of democrats are not happy with him.  So, maybe that is a sign that he won’t be their puppet, like I think they expected him to be.

What I can’t believe is the lack of respect that Bush was given at the inauguration.  I get it that people dislike him, although we have been kept safe from terrorist attacks for the last seven years and the economy has been pretty good, even though it has fallen badly due to democrats desired regulations in the past couple of months.  We have lived good during his two terms, yet people despise him.  I just don’t get it.  On top of the same people who can see no good of the Bush presidency can see no bad with Obama.  I mean, okay, they support him and thought he was the better choice for president, but he is just a man.  Why do they think he is this incredible person who will save the country and the world?  I mean they seem to think he has more super powers than Superman.  I just don’t get it.  Have you heard that they really think that he should be president until he dies?  What has the man done that even shows that he can accomplish anything?


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