Flashback Time

Here is an article that was published in 2005 regarding the huge costs associated with Bush’s second inauguration.   Notice that the title of the article is Giving Bush a pass again.  George Bush’s Costs Also, note that the article seems to be more about the costs of the war than the cost of his inaugeration.  Remember how great everyone thought the economy was at this time as well as well as the use of private donations.

Now we are in a horrible economy, people are making tough decisions on how to spend their money… and how is taxpayer money is being spent on Obama’s inauguration?  Check out his article  where a state of an emergency has been declared. State of emergency

What do we hear from the media?  Chirp, chirp, can’t hear the media due to all the crickets, right?

I guess this is one difference we can say there is between Obama and Carter.  Remember back in the Carter days, he spun his hometown simplicity and have a very low cost inauguration.  Of course, we have been paying the costs of his presidency ever since.


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