Well, I got my answer

Well, so quickly he says that everyone is going to have to give to the government in an interview tomorrow.

We’ll give until it hurts

This is why I like Sarah Palin… she knows that we, the taxpayers can spend OUR OWN money better than the feds can spend OUR money.   So, as someone who has little to none income at this moment, I think that it would be better for you just to give me money and skip the government middleman.  Okay, I am kidding on that.  But, as a person who just started a small business, I have no incentive to really succeed when I see most of my earnings go to the government to fund projects that I have realized tends to be with the intention to throw money at the project and hope it succeeds.  (But, does this mean that the large group that were going to get tax cuts and don’t pay taxes are going to have to give on those tax cuts?  You know, the ones that were promised in return for their votes!)


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