Already Obama’s team is reinventing the wheel

Story about Obama’s team new site

So this article is about an event that bashes Bush, while the site has ties to Obama.  But, what caught my eye was that Obama’s team has created this brand new website that can be used to list and find community service events.  Okay, so I am not quite sure how winning a drink by tossing a shoe at a poster of Bush is a community service event.  But, back to my thoughts.  First of all, wasn’t it Powell who came up with this idea back in the early 90s and created the same thing to promote his ideas?  Thus, just off the top of my head I can think of several websites that can be used to find volunteer opportunities.   If you want to volunteer in your area, just do a search on volunteer opportunities and the name of your town.  Also, there probably are agencies in your area that can provide lists of volunteer opportunities.   This whole thing also makes me wonder, does Obama not realize that people have been volunteering for years and that there are a lot of giving people out there who whole lives are spent working at nonprofit agencies?


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