Happy New Year for 2009

As we start a new year, I am wondering what my focus will be.  I see two issues being close to heart for me.  The first is the treatment of women in our culture.  I am really feeling a shift in how women are being treated, it feels like we have headed back to the 80s when women were still seen as not being able to handle the same jobs as men.  We had to do the job twice as well to be considered half as good.  The other issue is Christians in the middle east.  It always seems to be that people don’t realize that Christians are part of the society in the middle east, so we don’t hear how they are treated.  Of course, I will still focus on what goes on in DC  with the demos as they try to ram their plans down our throats.  But, if we call them on it, then maybe they won’t be as successful as they wish.  Remember, you have a voice, and it is simple to contact them by email through the congressional website.  Find your representatives and fill out the form and an email is sent.


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