I admit it, I think Oprah’s…

I admit it I don’t read Oprah’s books.  I read a few because of book clubs but I just found them as an list of author’s not to read.  They just were not my taste in books.  I found the characters hard to like and the books very depressing.  Then, there was the whole blowup with that one book that turns out to be more ficiton than a memoir.  It sounds like it was more of a marketing ploy than the fault of the author.  But, rather than admitting that her staff did a poor job of checking out a book she brought the poor author on her show to lambast him.  Maybe he was pretty guilty in the whole matter, but Oprah picked the book and raved about it and make it a book club choice.  You would think she would learn from it, but she didn’t.


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