Post Holiday Christmas Sales

So, I will say it again.  How much of the low spending of money is being blamed on the downturn of the economy and how much of it is supply and demand.  I keep going shopping and I want to spend money and I can’t find anything to buy.  To top it off, when I was at the big name department store I noticed a sweater on a rack.  It happened to be the sweater I wore on Christmas Day and it was not a Holiday sweater and I bought it at least a year or so ago.  So, why was it still there, was it a really late return or was it something that has been in the inventory for a year or so.  It just struck me that pretty much the only thing I really really liked at the store was something I have worn so much for a year or so.   If the stores don’t have things people want to buy then how do they expect to sell them.  I mean, come on, if people won’t buy things on massive sales, could it be that you aren’t selling what the people want?  Personally, I think this is the problem with the economy to a degree… people need to spend money so that the money gets passed to others, if there is nothing to buy then how can that money be spent so it can be passed on to others?  The other thing about spending money so that it can be spent by companies to pay employees… it is  good way to redistribute the wealth rather than tax people to pass it on to people that the government thinks will vote for them.


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