We, the people

So the news is all glummy and I can’t seem to find a positive article to link to so I guess I will just my thoughts of the day.  I have to say that the AP actually tried to find where the bailout money went is a positive.  It shows that they are going to be looking for a good story on the bailout so it will stay in the news.   But, in thinking about how much money senior management is getting as their companies go down the toilet and the greed that seems to be so evident really made me think.  Btw, you know that they like to sell their companies because that is how they really make the money.  Anyway, while all seems lost, I realized that we are forgetting about a huge asset that his country has…we, the people.  WE need to get back what we had rather than let the powers that be take it from us.  I think we have let the parties and the press divide us so that it is democrat versus republican.  WE need to remember that basically we are the same, we just tend to have slight differences in how we want things done.  BUT, we have let those in Washington that we hire decide how they want to do it rather than remind them how we want to have it done.  Would your boss let you do your job that way?  Then, why are we letting Washington do that to us?

What can you do about it?  Let your senators and representatives know what you think about each issue that is important to you.  They may not vote the way you want, but if you keep doing it and get your friends to do it, they will begin to listen.  By the way, Congress has provided us an easy way to  contact our representatives.  Just go to congress.org and look up your district to find a form to complete to email your Congress person, then look up your state for your senators.  It is just 3 emails to let them know how you feel.  You may get a form response, but you may learn more about your representatives and where they stand based on the letter you get.  When I got a letter in response and in it a bunch of national organizations and unions were listed as supporting the bill, I realized how much he listens to lobbyists rather than those of us who actually live in the area that he supports.


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