Oh great is he using science to start his mandates

So, Obama is naming those who will head the positions in the area of science.  I really don’t follow science so I really can’t say anything.  But, they seem to be the type that want to use science as a way to control what people do.  I will let others research that area.  Here is the link.

One phrase caught by eye in the article.  It was about how Bush cut funding and opposed stem cell research.  I am really tired of hearing that.  He actually provided more funding then Clinton, but he did not see the need to increase the number of lines that were available.  Here is not what is discussed about stem cells… there has been more success with adult stem cells and even from umbilical cords than with using the stem cells from aborted fetuses.  But, we don’t hear about that.  Of course, this is coming from people who seem to be more pro-abortion than pro-choice.


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