Just Chicago Politics?

Here is what I have been wondering.   I knew before the election that the FBI was investigating Blago and I don’t live in Chicago. How come it seems like no one else was aware that the FBI was watching him closely?   I thought some things were hitting the news before the election, and yet, what ends up getting him arrested are things that happened just prior to the election or after it.   But, after what I had heard about.  My questions are why did no one in Chicago politics seemed to be aware that what they may say or do would be noticed by the FBI.  Don’t you wonder about this?


One thought on “Just Chicago Politics?

  1. 4wrdthnkndad says:

    I believe it was openly discussed in Chicago that the Feds were following Blagojevich. I’m sure the Feds had other reasons to bust him, yet I wonder if they had anything as juicy as “golden ticket,” or allegations of selling Obama’s old senate seat. It appears Fitzgerald has elected to establish his case to the court of public opinion before bringing the matter to court. Moreover linking Blago to Obama, Jackson, Emanuel and others only adds intrigue to this case. On balance, I suspect Blago words and actions are consistant with many local pols in Chicago and Illinois.

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