NYT looks for money

So do you think it might start crossing their minds that there is not the demand for the product they are supplying?  Do they not realize that a lot of people don’t subscribe to their paper because they don’t agree with the liberal slant that they give the news?

Yes NYT, conservatives do exist.  Believe it or not we are not the backwoods, illiterate people that you try to convince yourselves and your liberal friends that we are.  I would hold my credentials against any of yours. For a quick look at them go back to my first post.
NYT needs some bucks


I know that this story doesn’t really have to do with the NYT’s story.  But, it is somewhat connected.  It is about how Obama’s liberal supporters aren’t happy.  Rather than being the savior they thought he would be, they are seeing him as more of the same.  Hmm, that could be good news for those of us who thought he would lead from the far left.  Of course, everyone needs to remember that whoever is elected president governs all citizens not just those who elected him or her.  It doesn’t matter what the party wants, as McCain said, it is country first.  Now, if only his economic advisers could convince him that he needs to continue Bush tax cuts rather than let them go away in 2010… Just so you know, if you are middle class your taxes will pretty much double when the tax cuts fade away in 2010.  Don’t believe the hype that you will end up paying less taxes!

Liberals voice concerns that it is more of the same

Okay, one last update… I’m on a roll today.  I forgot to post this yesterday and it just seems like the perfect story to end the post.  Remember how Obama swore he quit smoking, but we all knew he was sneaking puffs in the bathroom, just like a teenager, well he finally admits it.

Obama smokes


One thought on “NYT looks for money

  1. A non-monetary bailout of the Times: award Thomas Friedman the the Presidential Freedom Medal!

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