He’s back

Just flipping through the channels and noted that Rev Wright is back in the pulpit now that Obama has been elected. Isn’t that interesting?  I guess he doesn’t realize that comments made against women, such as calling someone a dizzy blond, is called sexist and is just as bad as racism.


One thought on “He’s back

  1. Paul says:

    Its true Rev Wright is a bigot, racist, vile human who spews out hate in all his preachings.

    Funny how Obama sat there for 20+ yrs and called him his spiritual advisor with all this going on.

    (Mod edited)Rev Wright is a ***** and no better than the ******** who spread the same hate toward America.

    Obama is also a racist proven not only by his association with Wright but his attcks on a white police officer who was forced to arrest a beligerent, loud mouthed negro who was Obama’s friend

    I guess we see Obama and his black/muslim side in the real world.

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