Bill Ayers rewrites his history

Here is a link to the story in the NYT, which I hate linking to but must for this post.   Bill Ayers in the NYT

Once again they are taking the liberal side and supporting a known terrorist and supporting those actions rather than supporting the country.  So, here is the funniest thing about my dislike of the NYT and those who support it, I probably have more ties to NYC than most who think NYC and NYT are the greatest.

But that aside, I wish Bill Ayers had pointed out that a lot of what the Weather Underground did occurred after the Vietnam war ended.  The bombings, the Brinks armed robbery, and the bombings and event at JFK in 1981 in response to the Springboks.   And, those are the events I can list off the top of my head.

Bill Ayers needs to be honest with his history rather than whitewashing it to make it seem like he was just a man on the street who was against the Vietnam War.   I also don’t appreciate that he put women in the position to take the blame because they would get shorter jail terms than men.

If he believed in it then to the degree that he did, why won’t he stand up for it now? Has he realized that his beliefs were loser beliefs and can’t admit it?


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